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Capturing new frontiers

Food processing is one of India’s fastest growing sub-sectors and is a significant contributing part of the country’s $ 40 Billion food industry. And this industry, like many others, is always in need of high-quality & heavy-duty food processing equipment, welding and innovative designs to manufacture & process different food types. And that’s not all!

Specialised Requirements

Unlike most welding and fabrication projects, for food processors, it is essential to ensure zero toxicity. Also, there is the requirement of certified welders & project engineers, skilful technicians along with a fully-equipped manufacturing & fabrication facility.

At SFI, taking on such specialised & high-requirement challenges has always been one of our biggest specialities.

Capable of taking on any challenge

Manufacturing Facility

We have a strong base in specialised fabrication & thanks to our state-of-the-art facility in Pirangut, Pune; we are capable of taking on almost any challenge.

In 2017, SFI expanded its horizons of manufacturing capabilities after receiving the contract for manufacturing commercial food processing equipment – industrial-duty food dryers of 250 KW to 1000 KW. These food dryers were of export quality & were a crucial component in the pre & post food manufacturing of cashews, chips and other foods.

The equipment was used for segregation, drying and grading of different foods.

Manufacturing this type of food processing equipment requires highly skilled engineers and a staff of certified welders & a state-of-the-art facility with precision tools.

Design Support

At SFI, we’ve also got our in-house design team that provides design support & helps in the strategy.

-Image -Image -Image

This was one example of our how our unmatched fabrication expertise helped us venture into new verticals & product types.

– Image -Image -Image

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